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FasTracKids is a franchise established in 1998 in Colorado, USA and is available in 52 countries with over 300 branches. The franchise facilitates educational institutions providing curriculum and methods of teaching based on latest research on how children learn best. FasTracKids oversees to the implementation of its methods and practices to its simplest details.

FasTracKids Academy is all about offering unique educational experience. Promoting the intellectual and personal growth of the youth to lead and exceed expectations is the philosophy behind this prestigious academy.

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FasTracKids Academy Programs are exciting and enriching. In addition to our exceptional curriculum, we offer awesome afterschool clubs, seasonal camps and a pristine Daycare experience for your children.

Primary Level





What People Say

  • "As a mom I am very happy with Fastrackids. My kids develop without any effort on my part. I am really thankful for all the hard work of the FTK team"

    Nabil Naseef and Tiara Naseef's mom
  • "I think that Fastrackids prepares the children to be adequate in every field, so they can be independent learners. My daughter can be a manager, a doctor, a teacher; she can be successful in every field."

    Haya Abdulshakour's mom
  • "When I bring him here, I am thankful because my son feels different, and especially when I watch the photos and videos shared, I feel thankful."

    Abdullah Al Shareef's mom
  • I am happy as a mother because my child comes home happy and with creative work that he can talk about. He is improving socially and learning new things.

    Ken Hasegawa's mom

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